What can I expect from a classical kinesiology session?

During the Kinesiology session you will be asked to lie down on a couch and will remain fully clothed. Before coming to the first session, you will also be asked to complete a health questionnaire that will ask you questions about yourself, such as why you have come for a Kinesiology session, your diet, your current health and any stresses in your life, any previous illnesses or injuries, and any other problem areas. The first session will typically last for up to 1 hours. Subsequent sessions will last for an hour.

For the muscle testing, you will be asked to raise your arm or forearm, and then I will ask you to match pressure applied by me to your arm. Imbalances can then be corrected using, for example, acupressure touch, light massage, nutritional supplements, Reiki and flower essences. It will also be possible to see whether particular foods or other substances are having an adverse effect on you. You may be asked to make dietary or lifestyle changes, carry out certain exercises, or given flower essences or supplements to take between sessions.


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